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Considering that network is core to any telecom service provider business, utmost importance is given to network planning, design and engineering functions. The key drivers for this function are optimum utilization of network resources, alignment of network strategy to business strategy, OPEX and CAPEX efficiency and technology readiness for competitive products and services.

TCTS supports engineering across wireline and wireless technology domains supporting multiple equipment and platforms. Our network engineering function comprises planning, design and engineering services which are based on understanding of a service providers network requirements.

TCTSL supports engineering across wireline and wireless technology domains supporting multiple equipment and platforms.

New Technology Introduction

TCTSL has extensive experience in rolling out multiple technologies with a ready-to-provide support in network deployments across both wireline and wireless. This function leverages TCTS abilities in performing continuous technology scanning, market research and analysis along with competition scanning. This service conducts an internal organisation assessment prior to evaluating a new technology with respect to organisation strategy, marketing and sales, economics and regulatory compliance.

Network Planning, Design and Implementation

TCTS Network Planning and Design function supports service providers with high level design (HLD) and low level design (LLD) documentation. The design can be for network rollouts including core, customer access, edge and other complex orders. This function works closely with internal and external stakeholders to come up with the best fit and right sized network design for implementation.

TCTS supports network implementation which includes coordination for physical deployment of network components including equipment, cables, conduits, civil structures etc. This function works very closely with the key stakeholders including the design team, vendors, field partners and project management to ensure efficient end-to-end network implementation in accordance with the network design and deployment plans.

TCTS provides Data Centre design services for high performance data centre which can provide a defined suite of services as per customer requirements.

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