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Security Assurance in SD-WAN Application Flows

In today’s business world, hybrid and pure cloud hosting scenarios are becoming increasingly common. By 2025, about 80% of enterprises will have moved their data centers off-premises, according to a recent forecast report by Gartner. With the number of IoT devices predicted at 64 billion by 2025, enterprises are accelerating investment in IoT solutions.

The MEF19 POC – Security Assurance in SD-WAN Application Flows - builds on a Security as a Service (SECaaS) reference architecture framework incorporating elements from Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) ,Fortinet and Spirent. It leverages TCTS Virtual Cloud Exchange (VCX) platform for connectivity, Fortinet VNFs for security and SD-WAN functionality and Spirent security assurance services for private data centers and other interconnected ecosystems. The demonstrated solution bundled as a manage services offering delivers the benefits of automation, accessibility, and security .

For service providers, SECaaS will be a key service capability providing protection of data, applications and services within and across hybrid network environments. The MEF19 PoC demonstrates a SECaaS environment built on a fully software-defined platform utilizing generic Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) infrastructure and hosting multiple Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) to provide SD-WAN functionality and protect enterprise networks against external threats, attacks and data loss. This platform is an innovative take on an in-depth, multi-layer defence strategy for enhanced cybersecurity and connectivity.

The SECaaS cloud offering consists of a multi-function virtual Firewall (vFW), universal CPE (uCPEs) and SDN access boxes. Users can manage the solution through the zero-touch automation portal orchestrated by a Service Orchestrator The solution incorporates SD-WAN, creating a powerful combo of SD-WAN, security and cloud access. It coexists with the TCTS Virtual Cloud Exchange (VCX) solution that CSPs use to connect seamlessly with major public cloud providers.

The PoC demonstrates a viable solution for the delivery of security functions which can be enabled on demand based on an assessment of need. Security functions including IPS, Antivirus, Web Filtering, App Control, Shaping and IPsec can be applied. This is consistent with the SECaaS ideal which allows providers to apply the necessary security to traffic based on set criteria. Security can also be offered as a value added capability given that it is fully integrated into the service delivery network.

In addition to providing a framework for the delivery of SECaaS capability, the POC also demonstrates another very important capability, that being the ability to provide Service Assurance. The functionality provided by Spirent is essential to this objective.

The combination of Fortinet, TCTS and Spirent capabilities is aligned with the MEF 3.0 framework stated objective of defining, delivering, and certifying agile, assured, and orchestrated communication services across a global ecosystem of automated networks.

The Fortinet /TCTS/Spirent PoC demonstrates the viability of delivering and assuring the performance of a fully automated SECaasS deployment in a hybrid environment spanning the cloud and a multi-branch domain with security, SD-WAN adaptation, Value added Cloud exchange services and the critical security assessment functions needed to maintain the overall performance and security integrity of a value added managed service provider offering.

MEF 3.0 PoC #115: Security Assurance in SD-WAN Application Flows ("The Protectors")

At MEF19 (Nov 18-22, Los Angeles), Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS), Fortinet, and Spirent have teamed up to unveil the industry’s first SECaaS demonstration at the MEF 19 Proof of Concept (PoC) Showcase. This PoC leverages the TCTS Virtual Cloud Exchange (VCX) platform, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN , and Spirent’s CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment (DBA) virtualized security validation platform.

The Demonstration will feature:

  • How operators can deploy security in the virtualized environment
  • Why security is so critical for multi-cloud access
  • The need for continuous assessment to validate security protection effectiveness
  • Why emulated application traffic, attacks and malware are needed to validate security efficacy
  • Workflow for troubleshooting security problems and vulnerabilities in real-time

On the verge of a massive 5G rollout, which will enable IoT at scale, security in the carrier environment has never been more important. Visit PoC #115 at MEF19 to experience the vision and reality of Security as a Service.

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Award Winning SECaaS Solution


MEF 2019 Security Assurance Implementation Award

TCTS along with its partners Fortinet and Spirent has won MEF 3.0 PoC for implementing the most comprehensive security assurance solution for an SD-WAN service. This MEF 3.0 PoC provides a valuable reference point for managed security service providers delivering SD-WANs with large attack surfaces.