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Global Telecom operators today are looking for opportunity to rapidly transform their business into smarter, faster, efficient and virtualized ecosystem that is ready to capitalise on the unfolding opportunities in the digital and connected future. While operators are in a dilemma to transform and break the shackles of big iron boxes, proprietary solutions, vendor lock-in, disparate network, and customer management tools leading to tardy and scuttled growth, over-the-top (OTT) players and new innovators continue to impact Telco markets and erode revenues. Data revenues are now at the mercy of the over-the-top players and app developers as they replace voice and messaging services with innovative and intuitive apps. Attempts by Telcos to break out of this spiral through innovation have not resulted in impactful outcomes and millions of dollars have gone wasted. To address the market dynamics, there is an urgent need to adapt the Telco business model to avoid the technological onslaught and escape the drain in revenue.

Is this the end of the road for traditional operators? May be yes, but all is not lost yet.

The increased digital business relevance presents a plethora of opportunity for both traditional and new age communication providers to encash in current times. The time is right to act and adapt businesses to the market and customer expectations for sustainability. SDN/NFV, DevOps, 5G, Internet of Things, and Next Gen services are opportunities for telecom operators to rapidly transform their business and remain relavent in the markets.


Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) bring in an OPERATOR perspective that is unique and presents a paradigm shift in the traditional managed services. TCTS brings the real world experience of OPTIMISING, CENTRALISING AND CONSOLIDATING operations of large, complex global networks of three separate and large entities, which were the very genesis of its formation. Our transformation services are built around key imperatives for CSPs, namely - Process re-engineering, tools transformation, network transformation and cost transformation.

The TCTS managed network services frees up operators from the legacy operations, clears roadblocks and paves way for faster SDN/NFV adoption and drive execution efficiencies through process and tool optimisation. We work with global CSPs to help them in their transformation journey and facilitate this journey to Fast Forward to a Connected future.

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