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Traditionally in a Telco world, a new service means a new box with a tedious routine of installation, commissioning, billing, configuration,, spanning days or weeks. In contrast, today’s web-scale companies activate new services thousands of times during a day. While the OSS/BSS systems of many Telcos are automated, they still cannot on-board new services in minutes. The transformation of Telcos / Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) seems like a tall order with the changes required for next-gen BSS/OSS, need for platforms, automation and multi-touch customer relationships.

CSPs' transformations are aimed at regaining their competitiveness and securing a better operational and commercial position, but the transformation journey is neither an easy nor linear set of requirements. The size of the task also varies depending on the maturity or status of the CSP, and it is a complex and iterative process that requires careful consideration and cooperation with customers, partners, and employees. The result should be to ensure that the business can move to a simpler structure and embrace agile ways of working, as well as embed intelligence and implement extreme automation in the network management systems and processes, and around its analytics and data-mining tools. The business outcome should be increased revenues and streamlined service delivery for CSPs, while customers receive an improved user experience and contextual, real-time service and support. Individual transformations will be unique; some of the methodology can be replicated, but the solution will be based on the architecture and organizational structure. There are common considerations and using a framework can help de-risk CSPs' transformation journeys.

Key themes

Think. Transform.
Building smarter, faster, efficient and virtualised communication networks

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How CSPs can plan their transformation journey
Using a framework can de-risk CSPs transformation journeys


Tata Communications Transformation Services is proud to be an exhibitor sponsor at the Mobile World Congress, 2018 in Barcelona.


  • With an ambition to help CSPs de-risk and accelerate their transformation journey to become DSPs, Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) has evaluated transformation priorities of over 60 CSPs globally, across six different market segments to build a Telco Transformation Framework which will help CSPs,
  • TRANSFORM OPERATIONS with a goal to SIMPLIFY business,
  • DRIVE EFFICIENCIES through automation and tools adoption – AUTOMATE,
  • ACCELERATE REVENUES via rapid launch of new age digital services for consumer business and next gen enterprise – INNOVATE,
  • The fundamental goal of Transformation framework is to make businesses simpler, faster and more efficient to deliver superior Customer Experience across all digital channels and services. Learn more at at Booth # 5I81, Hall 5 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
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